Gibberish Talk Workshop

Through the practice of Gibberish you will explore different aspects of communication that the typical language-defined type. Drama, improvisation and play is in focus as powerful ways to communicate clearly and get your message across.

This workshop is targeted at those want to develop new presentation techniques as well as improve their communication skills. It is agreat workshop for individuals and teams, management groups, HR teams, therapists (holistic, occupational, drama, music etc.), school teachers, and people who want to explore communication.

During the day you will experience Gibberish in various forms and discuss communication in alternative ways

  • Gibberish philosophy
  • Why communicate in Gibberish
  • Paying compliments
  • Dealing with anger and stress
  • Presenting in Gibberish
  • Confidence and self-empowering
  • Improvisation and drama
  • Gibberish and your body
  • Gibberish games and laughs

And have a one-hour lunch break to stretch and clear the minds plus enjoy good laughs and games.

Communications Expert Kris Bell of Sole Developers in North-East England, and Gibberish Advisor Lotte Mikkelsen of UnitedMind in South-East England have joined forces to provide an empowering and fun workshop based on extensive experience and high-level training. Both have many years experience in teaching various forms of communication skills using a variety of tools.

For further details and information about the Gibberish Talk Workshop, tailored stress management, team building, anger management, communication and confidence programmes for the workplace please contact us.