Welcome to Gibberish Communications

This is the place where Laughter Yoga and Gibberish transform communication and brings out the next level of communication!

It may sound like nonsense, however, anyone who practices or has practiced Gibberish knows that it makes perfect sense.


The place where conflicts often arise, where meaning is added to even meaningless sentences and rows seem to appear out of nowhere…

When people enter a discussion with an open mind it is less likely to happen but it does happen because open minds are often conditioned by ideas and thought upbringing, life and circumstances colour the mind full of.

How is it possible to detract from typical, meaningful communication?

Gibberish is a verbal aspect of what is so-called Philosophy of Nonsense or Inner Spirit of Laughter.

In Gibberish we cannot think, judge, interpret – it is impossible because we do not connect with thought process.

Gibberish is connected with what is known as ‘body wisdom’ whereas other communication methods happening through language are related to ‘mental wisdom’ or ‘mind intelligence’.

The language of nonsense has been used in conflict resolution around the world and produces creative ways of solving challenges whether they are personal or professional issues.

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